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The RTL components on the site are fully verified
- You get the verification Items list
- You get the list of block assumptions
RTL code components of generic and basic functions
- FIFOs, decoders, arbiters, etc.
- Application Notes instructions and examples
- Support and inquiry ticket system
- Get it working in no time
The design is fully documented
- All parameters and options
- Application notes
- All benefits,assumptions and limitations


Components are generic pieces of code used widely in the semiconductor industry. Some examples of components would be FIFOs, synchronizers, clock dividers etc..

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IP Cores

RTLery website offers memory control and clocking IP Cores with 1 year support and optional customization service, so we can help you adopt it to your needs.

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RTLery offers Design services for ASIC top level, clocking and reset, memory interfaces and other application specific IP.

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RTLery offers design IP cores, basic components and specialized development service. is a viable source of verified verilog RTL source code components on the internet. We offer a variety of verified and documented components commonly used in the chip design community. Our goal is to help you, the logic designer, to focus your effort on the architectural aspects of your block and eliminate some of the risks of designing low level functionality from scratch.

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