• Priority encoder

    Priority encoder is a circuit that converts multiple binary inputs into binary representation of the index of active input bit with the highest priority. Each of input has assigned priority. The least significant bit has the highest priority and the most significant bit the lowest. If more than one input is active at the same time the input having highest priority will take precedence.

  • Event rate counter

    This component contains RTL Verilog code for a rate counter designed to measure the rate of an event. The rate counter can be used for measuring error rates, data rates or any other synchronous event. Rate counters are mostly important for system monitoring and testing, allowing system tuning and validation.

  • Decoders collection

    This component includes the verified RTL Verilog code for some encoders and decoders widely used. The collection includes priority encoders, thermometer decoders, grey code and more linke

  • barrel shifter

    A Barrel Shifter is a logic component that perform shift or rotate operations. Barrel shifters are applicable for digital signal processors and processors. This component design is for a natural size (4,8,16…) barrel shifters that perform shift right logical, rotate right, shift left logical, and rotate left operations depending on the instantiation parameters.