What are components?

What are Components?

Components are generic pieces design used widely in the semiconductor industry. Some examples of components would be FIFOs, synchronizers, clock dividers etc..

some of the Component types available on the RTLery website are arbitration algorithms, FIFOs, clock dividers and memory controllers. Those blocks can be usefull in many different semiconductor ASICs and SOCs.

RTLery website offers components with 1 year support and optional customization service, so we can help you adopt them to your specific needs.

Arranged by  type, you can search the whole list and browse the available variations for the one most suitable for you. Read the component page for usage and integration information.

The RTlery website offers many different components to choose from. You may select the component you need by browsing through the components menu according to the component type and specific variation.

An alternative way of reaching your desired component is by searching. Use the search box using key words describing the required component and follow the results page to the one most suitable for for your needs. If you have an issue finding the component you need, please use the comments box below, describe the functionality you need and we will point you the the closest matching component.

We are always looking to expand the library and address the requirements of more engineers. So in case RTLery does not have the functionality you need and the functionality is usable for multiple designers, please send us a note through the contact form and we will do our best to add it to the library within few weeks. 

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below you can find a list of components available on the site and their respective maturity status.

Status of components